The life about which the true Teacher teaches by Psychology

Han Yu, a Chinese essayist, poet, and thinker from the Tang dynasty, defines what a teacher is in his famous written works: 'A teacher is someone who teaches academics and the proper duty of human beings, and who becomes a role model for people.' There are teachers who teach only knowledge, and there are teachers who teach the duty of life, upright character, and answer their disciples' deep questions. What kind of truth would a true teacher teach? How he would untie the questions in his disciples' hearts?

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The happiest moment for students is when they have school holidays but it is my busiest period. My company is a private education centre so we organize a lot of holiday camps during that period. In order to reduce our burden, company invited graduated students as the facilitators. I felt delighted when I looked at these facilitators. Seeing them growing, as if seeing a seedling growing into a tree, it worth all the efforts. Now, they have become the role model of current students while helping in guiding and coaching for the students. 

The colourful world of lower primary school students 

Seven days with three camps were like war fighting time. Lower primary school students were still very ignorant and did not really understand what we were saying. Some of them even cried, “I want mummy!” My facilitator was very while she came to me and asked, “Coach, what should be done?” Meanwhile, students from grade four to grade six were very active and cheerful but mischievous. 

Finally the third camp came, with all teenagers. When you enter the class, you probably thought that you have entered the tension filling examination hall. Malaysia is a country which has summer like weather throughout the year but we felt so frosty. This is the common behavior of current youngsters, which is difficult to open up, like to act cool, and tend to pretend that they couldn’t care less. Hence, we gave all our energy, pouring full passion and concern, spending one day to melt their heart. 

Perhaps many parents would doubt when they registered their child, “can my child be changed?” “Does my child still have hope?” This even happened to me especially when the students did not change after three or six months they attended the program. I would doubt that, does hope still exist? However, whenever I had this thought, a proverb always comes to my mind. Pastor Joshua Jung said, “Do not say that you do not have it, but make it.” Yes, do not say that there is no hope, but make it. 

Even if we are adults, we must always have this thought. When parents dealing with disobedient child, do not say that he is naughty, but teach him properly. Do not say that he does not have talent, but make it. Do not say that he could not understand, but teach him until he realize about it! When you are facing challenges, do not say that you are weak, do not say that you are unlucky, but quickly learn in order to raise your own ability. Do not say that you never been successful but make yourself to be successful!

After 2 days, the children who were shy participated actively in the activities too.


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