[EBC] Blooming the flower of the new time period

[Blooming the flower of the new time period]


 [The Man of Great Faith: Creating Life-masterpieces With God’s Love]

What kind of power enables a man to uphold 365 days of predawn prayer without rest?

What kind of power enables a man to undertake minimal eating prayer in the icy winter mountains just to pray for peace?

What kind of power enables teenagers to resist the dark and fallen culture and return to faith?

Today I would like to introduce the Head Pastor of CGM (Christian Gospel Mission) - a “development expert.”

Let’s see how, through the Word of God, he develops and nurtures ordinary people, like you and me, to walk toward success.


 [My Dream]

 [How a child from a small village]

 [became a National Outstanding Electrical Engineer]

 [Zou Fu-ming, the Top Ten Most Outstanding Electrical Engineers]

I came from a small community in southern Tainan

It wasn’t a very advanced community

So the education levels were quite low

Among my peers

Around five out of 10 of them caused trouble and picked fights.


Most of them either chose to study in a vocational high school

or attended military school.

 [In kindergarten] [In junior high] [My Family]

I was the only one in my community who went to a normal high school.

I was also the only one who went to college.

 [In high school]

Because I grew up in that kind of environment

My dreams were considerably small.

After graduating from Tainan First High School

My outstanding grades surprised everyone

 [National Taiwan University Department of Electrical Engineering]

got me into the department of Electrical Engineering in National Taiwan University

and within God’s grace

I also went to graduate school after graduating from college.

 [Yun-kung Township Office scholarship for underprivileged outstanding students]

 [Scholarship Award]

 [During graduate school]

After graduating from grad school

I thought to myself, this is probably as far as I can go

 [In military service] Now, I should start looking for a job

But God had a different plan

During the job hunt process, I encountered a lot of difficulties and obstructions

I felt a lot of pressure at that time

because among my classmates, those who didn’t have to go to military service

and the female students had already found good jobs


 [B.S. Electrical Engineer

M.S. and Ph.D. Telecommunication Engineering of National Taiwan University]

So my pastor encouraged me to get a Ph.D.

Originally, getting a Ph.D. was never a part of my plans,

But while I was praying, God gave me a strong inspiration

So I decided continue my path of studying

 [Zou Yu-Fan, Zou Hong-xiang]

During the time I was studying for my PhD

I realized how to unify faith and daily life

And to extend this attitude at my workplace in the future

But to be honest, it’s not easy to maintain a good faith and daily life


When my colleagues get off work, they would go study languages, have fun, go shopping, relax and so on.


But I chose to participate in/ go to church activities and carry out duties within the church

hoping to get closer to God in the process

 [Praising in Sunday Service]

 [Li Xingying, wife] One day my manager suddenly asked me if I had already reached forty or not

He wanted to recommend me to apply for Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer of the Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering

My first thought was, “Quit playing with me. Do you think I have too much time on my hands?”

that you had to find me to do even this kind of things


He told me the news with an exhausted tone, he came home very late that night


I thought wow, this is wonderful!


What if you really do receive the award? Wouldn’t that be a great testimony!

So the next morning when I got up to pray in the predawn,

 [4:00 am]

I repented to God for feeling burdened in the beginning

The next day when I went into my office, my manager handed me

the resume of a previous applicant

he told me that I could use it as a reference when writing my work contribution

I really thank God.

Because of this sign that God gave me,

I was able to write a well written, complete resume and work contribution.

However, even though it was like this, I still doubted whether I would be selected.

Since I wasn’t a professor, I didn’t think I would have the chance

probably nobody would notice my application

This is what I thought

Then on October 24th

While I was waiting for the bus, I turned on the computer

and checked my email; I was surprised to discover that


I was elected as the Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer!

I knew my company’s president was a member of the review committee of the Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering

Therefore, I thought it was due to his recommendation that I could be elected as Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer

However, he told me afterwards saying

 “It was difficult for you to get elected

because on the day of the examination,  I was out of the country

so I didn’t have the chance to recommend you”

 [Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer of year 2013]

I was so shocked

and realized that this was really the work of God

 [Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer Award Ceremony]

If it wasn’t for God, none of this could have happened

I am grateful to God for all of this

and thankful to Pastor Jung Myung Seok who evangelized me

and led me to hold on to the Word whenever I met difficulties

 [Christian Gospel Mission]

Only faith can be my strength

And enable me to receive more blessings than I could have dreamed of

The Lord is truly a living Lord

He is truly the Lord who works while observing our hearts

I give all glory to the Lord Hallelujah


 [Once a poor kid with nothing at all]

 [Because of the Lord's love]

 [Became a Management Consultant who everyone looks up to at the age of 21]

 [Lin Jian Liang, meeting the Lord on the path of my dreams]

Ever since I was little, my dream was to become a CEO of a large corporate

But due to my environment growing up,

I became a very materialistic person

A person who always puts his own interests as the priority

Materialism has always been my only purpose


When I was in college

I put a lot of effort in finding all kinds of opportunities

And attended the big and small lectures held by the business school

Even though I learned a lot from these lectures,

I never found the right method of/ for success


I started to wonder about the life I chose and had second thoughts about my dream/ I felt worried about the exploration of my life direction and the dreams that I was chasing

At that time, I didn't have any/much money when I left my home to study in Taipei

and I didn’t know anybody there either

So I was mostly alone

having a meal only now and then

Good thing that there was a senior classmate who was very generous

and shared most of my rent when I was living in Taipei

 [Jian Liang and (Senior) Yuan Hao]

This senior classmate was also very patient

and considerate

and he put a lot of effort in teaching me

One time

I was very upset

and yelled at him saying,


Why bother caring about me?

I’ve never really listened to you!

I was just saying whatever came to my mind at the time

But he laughed and replied saying,

Because within Providence

There is a pastor called Jung Myung Seok who taught me how to put the God’s words to practice

the pastor once said, “Rather than thinking that it is me who's taking care of you

realize that it is God who loves you and is working through me to take care of you

However, I could hardly feel God at that time

But one night,

When I was heading out to get dinner

I realized that I only had 20 NTD (less than 1 USD)

I really wanted to blame God

Instead, I remembered a phrase my senior classmate constantly told me

He said, whenever I'm praying for you, I always feel that the Lord is right by your side

So I thought to myself


If God really loves me

HE will probably feel upset seeing me like this

I suddenly recalled what my classmate once told me,

 “What God expects most, is the response of love”

So I strove to utter the words

Lord, I love you

I have never cried before

but that was the first time hot tears flowed down my cheeks

At that moment I realized that

even a person like me who has never had a friend

and who was always neglected by my parents

still had someone who cherishes me

I realized that the Lord really does love me

My classmate was right

The Lord worked through him to love me and take care of me

I realized my purpose of living was to love

so from that day forward

I used the strength I received that day

to start living a changed life

From my mind, mentality and thoughts

to my daily life

I started to change every bit of myself


the hard work I put into my studies paid off

 [ The year’s highest average grade in the Department of Finance at NCCU]

I achieved the highest GPA since the establishment of the department (of finance)

 [Commendation for outstanding grades, First in class]

at the same time

I was also selected to be the teaching assistant for the Minister of Finance and Standard & Poor's Asia President at the National Chengchi University

 [The world's largest International Business Studies Honor Society

the only representative of NCCU]

Currently, I am working as an consultant at a well-known management consulting firm in Taipei 101

My firm has never have hired a college student before,

but was willing to give a college senior like me

the role of a consultant

I worked hard to catch up to my peers

So within less than an year

my manager commended me

as the benchmark among my peers

I was the first intern who was able to receive this honor

Everything I have

is due to the learning of God’s words

It allowed me to focus more on practicing at a higher level

 [Performing in a play for Christian Gospel Mission]

When my efforts receive better feedback

I thank God even more

 [Lecturing in campus]

and God then gives me even more blessings

I also started learning how to give

and care for the people around me

This wasn’t easy for a person who used to be cold and realistic

 [Yuan Hao speaking of Jian Liang’s change after knowing God]

He used to never smile

the only thing on his mind was

how to get higher grades

in order to become successful in the future

After learning the Word of God

I felt that he has completely changed

He is now a person who likes to help others

he shares the stories of how God worked upon him

and he also treats others with the love of God

he has turned into a loving person

As my heart is filled with the love of the Holy Spirit

I am living a happier life through these efforts


and now, God’s dream has become my dream

I’m Lin Jian Liang

the beginning of change is because of love

which has driven me to put His word into practice

I met God on the path of my dreams

 [ And though your beginning was small, your latter days will be very great.Job 8:7 ]


The president and founder of Christian Gospel Mission, Pastor Jung Myung Seok

 [Unprecedented Life Trainer]

become the best example as one who is fruitful in all areas

No matter if it is in faith, art, humanities, sports etc.

because he trained and made himself

Even after failing to build a rock landscaping up to four times

he continued with faith and succeeded on the fifth time

His life also blossomed like the flowers within the beautiful Natural Temple

His (life) success philosophy has inspired countless young people

Through faith, he kept training himself to pursue challenges

In our following program

let us see

how he was able to become the “teacher of life”

 [The Blooming of the New Era]

 [The Blooming of the  New Era]

 [The Peace Missionary Even Amidst War]

The cruelty of war often makes people realize the precious value of lives

The Second World War ended in the year 1945.

It was also the year Pastor Jung Myung Seok was born

symbolizing that the turning point of peace had finally arrived

Pastor Jung hoped to take on the mission of peace

and to give his everything to save lives

Let us watch the following testimony


Hi everyone, my name is Haishuerh

I am from Hualien County’s Zhuoxi Town in Luantien Tribe

I was born in the Bunun Clan

I was baptised not long after I was born

when I was in fourth grade

my dad had a stroke

therefore, my family became a low income household

and (we) felt that life was actually pretty hard

This is the  tribe I used to live in, it was in the mountains beside the creek

The National Chenchi University was a school located within the suburbs of Taipei

twenty years ago, it was a rather desolated place

however, I liked it that way

so I came to NCCU to study

I applied for the Department of Political Science

It was the year or the year before that

when Taiwan started many democratic social movements and demonstrations

including our so called 520 Peasant Movement.

We also advocated the rights and interests of the indigenous peoples.

all of this happened during that time.

In college, I also participated in the

demonstrations of indigenous peoples

After finishing my military service

I got to know a few members of Providence

among them was a junior classmate

He introduced me to start learning the Word of God

I was enlightened to a new perspective of life

I had always wanted to read the Bible even before I started listening to the thirty lectures (of Providence)

Because even though I was born into a Christian family

and wanted to understand what the Bible said,

before, I only went to church due to habit

so I didn’t actually know why I went to church


and why I should believe in God

I even had no idea who the Holy Trinity were

I really did not understand (the Bible).

But after learning the thirty lectures

all the answers to the questions I wasn’t able to unravel, were revealed to me

That was the time

when Providence was facing the most difficult hardship of all

Our pastor, Jung Myung Seok

was being persecuted, misunderstood, and slandered

by the media of Taiwan

I actually felt that they were condemning the whole of Providence

But at that time, I really wanted to say that

Within Ethnology there is a research method

we call Participant Observation

Where you should not randomly judge or comment on an organization,

group of people or people of a tribe when you do not know and understand them


With this in mind

I listened to Pastor Jung’s preaching

while also study the life of Providence members

I discovered that the members were mostly young people


very young

most of them were college students

I was very surprised to see that there were so many young people who still attend church

because in most of the churches I’ve been to

the majority were either seniors or small children

Whether it was a church located within the tribe, or in the metropolitan areas

You wouldn’t see that many young people

It really surprised me that these youngsters were diligently reading the bible and attending services


 and even diligently taking notes

Seeing this, I was inspired to read the entire bible, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, within an year

For me, what’s more important is the teachings of the Word

I learned to pray to God and ask God before I do all things

I have never lived like this before

from then on, I always prayed before reading the bible

I asked the Lord to guide me while I’m reading

To not be led by my thoughts

but by His will and according to His thoughts

Due to reading the bible and diligently attending service

my mentality and lifestyle began to change

Since then

I wasn’t thinking only about my own success.

My achievement was no longer about myself

but about the Trinity, about God

So with this mentality and attitude,

I started to realize in-depth about the truth and about love

I matured so much from learning the Word and from Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s teaching

I am honored

to have a chance to meet him, in this lifetime

and to learn from him

I’ve observed and seen how he leads lives

in sports or in art performances

There was one time that left a deep impression

Our church organized a soccer game

he was also one of the players

All of the players seemed to like him very much

I saw that the players very fond to him but not in an idol worshipping kind of way

It was because they respect him from the bottom of their hearts

After the game

Pastor Jung Myung Seok would always habitually serve his followers

I remember there were so many people

I think it must have been about three hundred to even four hundred of people


one by one, he served everyone beverages and water

It was so hot that day

but he still waited on us one by one

When I thought to myself how tired his arms would have been after waiting on so many people

I was so moved

because he wasn’t doing this with intention

but because it  was his habit

he really wanted to serve them

really wanted to serve us

This Word he preaches

helped me learned and realized a lot regarding to my workplace and school

and also in sports and performing arts.

I realized that faith is daily life

and that love should be living love

what is this faith based on?


it is God


My name is Lin Yuanyu and I am a family doctor

Today I’d like to testify and share with you a story of

how God worked through Pastor Jung Myung Seok

to cure my physical and spiritual body

When I was young, my parents did business.

Our financial situation wasn’t very stable.

my mom used to say with a sigh

Life is a sea of bitterness (life is hard)

you must endure it

So I tried to study my way out of our financial problems

luckily, my studies went very smoothly

and I got admitted into medical school

but unfortunately

before my graduation

my mother, who raised me through such difficulties,

was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at its final stage

I told myself that I had to stay strong

My family’s financial situation was very difficult at the time.

So to earn the daily and medical expenses for my mother’s treatments

I would receive medical specialist training in the daytime

and work at a clinic at night.

It wasn’t long before I became physically and mentally drained

I also fell sick

At first, I couldn’t get out of bed

even though I was tired, but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to go to work

But after getting up, I felt huge pain in my lower back

I could hardly turn over

I had to endure the pain and rock myself in order to get out of bed

I thought it was because I was too tired

but the symptoms didn’t go away even after more rest

I went to the division of rheumatology to be examined

I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis (AS)

leukocytes were attacking my joints and bones

causing a series of inflammatory reactions

All I could do was take painkillers and immunomodulators

Fortunately, in 2002, I was able to meet Pastor Jung Myung Seok in Hong Kong

when I told him about my sickness, he knew how very distressed I was

He said he would pray for me

At the moment when he prayed for me

I felt a strong heat wave

which flowed from my head to toes

At that moment I could feel that each adhesion spot on my spine

was being released

my sickness was miraculously cured

As a doctor, if was very hard for me to believe what happened

I was worried if it was just temporary and would break out again tomorrow

The next day, I went to meet Pastor Jung Myung Seok again

I asked my translator to explain to him that what I have is an immunity disease

and is not curable


He listened until the translator finished, and patiently, with love,

 he prayed for me again

Then he told me that if I really believe that God would work through his prayers

then my sickness will get better

After returning to Taiwan, I really did get better

the pain never came back even after fourteen years

I met God through knowing Pastor Jung Myung Seok

and I was cured both physically and mentally

Life shouldn’t be a sea of bitterness

but rather a sea of sweetness

people aren’t born to just get old and die

but are born to practice God’s teaching of love and truth


 [A mentor who restores the conversation between God]

the common point of all these miracles

is that during their lives, they all encountered the mentor of the new era

Christian Gospel Mission

now possesses tens of teams including medicine, academics, law, sports

Peace Orchestra, Bathe In Light theatre, and public service

to enrich our daily lives via culture, arts, and bible studies

and convey the love of the Creator to the world

This concept originates from the founder of this organization, Pastor Jung Myung Seok

He experienced the ruthlessness of the Vietnam war and its consequent poverty

and was determined to learn the Truth from God in order to save the world

He teaching doesn’t come from his own will


but from the Bible

He hopes that everyone in the world can draw closer to God,

restore the ideal time when people conversed with God


and radiate the light of the blooming new era