Proper life of faith by 주아나

Are you living 'a proper life of faith?' Young believers take action by the Word of the Lord even though they do not know it well. However, mature believers feel dull because they have done them many times. Such adults must learn the proper life of faith again, right? If your conscious is pricked as you read on, let's become a proper believer by studying and taking action diligently. - Drawing by Shidongi

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[바른신앙생활 4학년] 굴개굴개 울어요


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[바른신앙생활 4-1]

굴개 굴개 울어요.

나보다 잘하면 따라하고
나보다 못하면 끌어줘야지 왜 반대로 하고 그러나요.
어서 제 멋대로 청개구리 옷을 벗고
주님 따라쟁이 옷을 입으세요.