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Are you living 'a proper life of faith?' Young believers take action by the Word of the Lord even though they do not know it well. However, mature believers feel dull because they have done them many times. Such adults must learn the proper life of faith again, right? If your conscious is pricked as you read on, let's become a proper believer by studying and taking action diligently. - Drawing by Shidongi

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[4th grade] Think about safety


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[바른신앙생활 4-2]

안전을 생각해요.

정명석 목사님은
“하나님은 우리를 불꽃같은 눈으로 살피십니다.
하나님과 성령님과 성자는 만물로도 계시하시고,
사람을 통해서도 계시하며 도우십니다.”
라고 하셨어요.

하나님이 감동을 주셨을 때!!
멈추기! 생각하기!행동하기!감동대로 움직여요!!

그래서 몸 건강, 정신 튼튼, 영 행복하게

늘 안전하게 인생을 살아보아요!

정명석 목사와 만남과 대화 4-2 바른신앙생활