Peace Soccer by The Lord's Whistle

Peace soccer gives glory to God through soccer. Just as you must know clearly in order to take action clearly, I pray that you will know about soccer clearly and give glory to God perfectly.

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The Birth of Providence Soccer and God’s Blessing [given] through Sports



Recovering health through taking action immediately according to Heavens’ inspiration

President Jung Myeong Seok, who is the founder of Peace Soccer, started spreading the gospel in Seoul because of the calling of the Heavens, the calling which told him to spread the gospel to the world from the beginning of the 1980s. He delivered the Word day and night without resting and ate and lived with all kinds of patients including those with tuberculosis. As a result of that, he became ill like them. Two-thirds of his lung suddenly became worse, so he could not help but live undergoing medical treatment in hospital. 

At that time, he earnestly asked God for his health to recover and he received the inspiration that ‘I will give you two hours from 6am to 8am after pre-dawn prayer so run around a sports field and also play soccer.’ As soon as he received the inspiration, he started to play sports after pre-dawn service at the middle school that was close to where he was living.   

He ran around the dirt sports field or played soccer on it as he breathed the fresh air and inhaled the smell of the field. When he checked his health after he had exercised for six months, the test result showed that he had fully recovered his health, the health of his disciples had improved, and their stamina also had improved to become like steel.   

Soccer is also displaying faith in God and giving glory to God

After President Jung Myeong Seok recovered his health through soccer, he played soccer together with his disciples for five to seven hours a day. One day, he thought, ‘I came here to deliver the Word but am I playing soccer too much?’ and felt sorry to God and the Holy Son. At that time, the Lord made him realize, ‘Soccer is also displaying faith in God and giving glory to God.’ He received so much grace thinking, ‘This is the Lord’s grace,’ and was able to keep playing soccer. 


President Jung Myeong Seok told his disciples not only to play soccer but also to evangelize many people for God with their healthy bodies as they played soccer. Therefore, he evangelized people who came to the soccer field to watch the game and led them to believe in and love God. He testified that through soccer, God made him realize how to lead Providence history, and through spreading the gospel, to love and to overcome the temptations of the world.

Moreover, while playing soccer President Jung Myeong Seok did not consider the opposing team to be [his] enemies but his lovers, learned ‘Peace Soccer’ from the Lord, and taught it to people. That is why in Providence soccer is not only [played] for health but also to praise God, take action upon the Lord’s love, spread the gospel and fulfill peace in the world.  

Korea came to receive God’s blessings through sports.

 Soccer became songs of praise and glory that President Jung Myeong Seok and his disciples offered to God and, through soccer, they learned how to take action upon the Word. God saw that condition and allowed the history of blessing [to be received] through all kinds of sports by this small nation, Korea, which was not well-known by the rest of the world.

The first opportunity for Korea was the opportunity to hold the Seoul Olympics in 1988, the second was the Korea-Japan Soccer World Cup in 2002, the third, the Daegu World Championship in Athletics in 2011, and the fourth is the opportunity to hold the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018. As a result, Korea will be the sixth nation to have hosted all of these four world sporting events, after Germany, Italy, France, Russia, and Japan. In addition, it was registered as the nation of the ‘World’s Four Sports Grand Slam.’ Because of this, it became an innovative opportunity to raise the whole nation’s image and calibre.